Foun­ded by Luca Ben­i­ni in 1989, Slam Jam was born to ser­ve the under­ground sce­nes long befo­re the term street­we­ar even exis­ted.

From its head­quar­ters in Fer­ra­ra, far from the Euro­pean fashion esta­blish­ment, Slam Jam was able to hone its own uni­que, high­ly dis­tinc­tive style, using art, music and club­bing as its gui­de to con­nec­ting with tri­bes of like-min­ded peop­le across the world, and beco­m­ing Italy’s first importer of then unknown brands such as Stus­sy.

Begin­ning with a small wareh­ou­se on the rural outs­kirts of Fer­ra­ra, over the last 30 years Slam Jam has beco­me a glo­bal­ly reco­gni­zed cul­tu­ral insti­tu­ti­on and seal of appro­val app­lied to clot­hing and goods that rep­re­sent urban sub­cul­tures.


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