Q: Why do you have a Bru­ta­list Website?
A: We don’t like deco­ra­ti­on for the sake of deco­ra­ti­on. We felt that the­re was no need for orna­ment ; the types fea­tured speak for them­sel­ves. Flo­ria­ne Rous­se­lot (the cura­tor, our cli­ent) wants to pro­mo­te amateur’s, student’s, may­be even unfi­nis­hed works. Tho­se new, expe­ri­men­tal and some­ti­mes weird let­te­rings felt so much more important than any color, design or image we could have used, and felt in line with brutalism.
Q: Who desi­gned the website?
A: Twi­stu­dio. We are a crea­ti­ve french duo. We’ve been crea­ting web­sites sin­ce 2015.
Q: Who coded the website?

A: Same ; Twistudio!

Q: With what kind of editor?
A: We coded and designed this website for Floriane Rousselot. She just finished her studies and had an idea ; a collaborative portfolio for her and her friend’s typefaces. She talked about it around her and realised that many young designers were interested in featuring their letterings on the typelab. The website might actually end up being an e‑shop!



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