Wild Lilac

San Ber­nar­di­no, CA.

This 3200 SF sin­gle-fami­ly resi­dence and accom­pany­ing 800 SF pool hou­se were envi­sio­ned as a refu­ge crad­led wit­hin the foot­hills of the San Ber­nar­di­no Natio­nal Forest. The design uses a series of thi­c­ke­ned walls which run east-west along the topo­gra­phy of the dra­ma­tic moun­tain site to esta­blish dis­cre­te pro­gram­ma­tic zones and pro­tect the inte­ri­ors from the sun. Each resul­ting zone affirms its con­nec­tion to the sur­roun­ding hillsi­de, while the thi­c­ke­ned walls demar­ca­te suc­ces­si­ve­ly more pri­va­te are­as of the hou­se.

Size: 4,000 s.f.
Com­ple­ted: 2016
Role: Archi­tect
Team: Noah Wal­ker, Ted Leviss, Jona­than Nadel
Land­s­cape: Sam­my Cas­tro Design
Pho­to­gra­phy: Joe Flet­cher, Noah Wal­ker


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